3 Easy Steps to becoming a Watch D.O.G.S.
Step 1:  Click here to complete your VOLUNTEER BACKGROUND CHECK (please do this at least 1 week prior to your volunteer day):
  •    Click link for the Background Form
  •    Enter the very short form and be sure to select "Ellison" in the Drop Down Box list of schools.
  •    Click "Submit to HR"
Step 2:  Order a WatchDOGS T-shirt:
  •    Shirts are $15.  
  •    Please purchase from our online store
Step 3:  Pick a Day(s) to Volunteer, 2 options:
  •  OPTION 1:   Use the paper calendar in the Binder in the School office.  Write your name on any open day.  It is OK if multiple dads sign up for the same day.  (Days are marked when school is closed or there is STAAR testing.)
  •  OPTION 2:   Use the online calendar to signup.  No login is required, but you do need to confirm your email address.  Click SIGN-UP and enter your information.  The system will send you a reminder 2 days prior.  (**you may also want to uncheck the box offering to send you advertisements from their sponsors).  Click the green SAVE button.  The system will do the rest!